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Sadler Clinic Conroe

Dr. Jerald H. Simmons' Clinic and Sleep Center has relocated from Conroe to a new Woodlands location:

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Dr. Simmons and CSMA are recognized as one of the BEST OF 2013 in Sleep Review magazine.

Dr. Simmons and CSMA are recognized as one of the BEST OF 2013 in Sleep Review magazine.
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From a doctor's office who has tried to get medical records;
First request: "We can't get any help and hope you can give assistance. This is for a child born in 2009, the mother does not want to repeat immunization previously given at Sadler Clinic and this information is pertinent for the patient to be enrolled in school!"
After working to find a solution: "Thank you for your help! Hopefully I can track this down so we don't over-immunize this little girl. And again, thank you for the information!!!"

After more than five decades of medical service to a thriving community in the northern Houston area and despite numerous successful practices within the clinic, The Sadler Clinic officially closed May 31 following layoffs that started weeks before.

While many doctors with the defunct Sadler Clinic will be continuing their practices in Montgomery County, it could be some time before they are settled and able to begin seeing their patients.

This web site was established on June 5, 2012 due to demands from patients of the former Sadler Clinic, and is being hosted as a service to the Sadler Clinic patient community.

As required by Federal law, the W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for ex Sadler employees were mailed out by the January 31 deadline. They will have the return name and address of "Montgomery County Management Company, LLS, 690 South Loop 336 West, Conroe, TX 77304."

The Ex-Sadler Medical doctors who were not employed by Montgomery County Management Company, LLS but by Sadler Clinic, will have to receive a K-1 with a later deadline and it's still unclear when or if those will be made available.

  • If you were a Sadler patient and are looking for information regarding your medical records, please click here
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  • If in the history of Sadler Clinic you have been a Sadler doctor and want to tell your patients where you are practicing medicine today or even what your future plans might be,
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