Sadler has made changes in their
medical records request process:
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This website is undergoing regular updates,
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Information for Previous Sadler Physicians and Employees:

From Sadler Officials:

"As a result of HCA freezing bank accounts prior to distribution of final checks, employees who did not receive their final checks or received final checks that bounced should complete the attached (we have already filled in the case numbers, to help simplify things). Please ensure staff gets this, to assist them during this time.
Please note that accounting will report all wages and unused, accrued vacation to the courts; however, employees should still complete the attached to protect their interests.
Thank you in advance."

  1. Please select the appropriate form below: Form 1 is for Physicians only, Form 2 is for General Employees.
  2. Right-click on the link to the form below and select "Save target as..." (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link as" (Firefox).
  3. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader™ (free download here)
  4. Please fill the form out completely.
  5. Print and Mail completed formed to:
    David J. Bradley
    Clerk of Court
    P.O. Box 61010
    Houston, TX 77208