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NOTICE (02/04/2013):

As required by Federal law, the W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for ex Sadler employees were mailed out by the January 31 deadline. They will have the return name and address of "Montgomery County Management Company, LLS, 690 South Loop 336 West, Conroe, TX 77304."

The Ex-Sadler Medical doctors who were not employed by Montgomery County Management Company, LLS but by Sadler Clinic, will have to receive a K-1 with a later deadline and it's still unclear when or if those will be made available.

New Website set up for Sadler Patient Records

Tuesday, October 9, 2012 by Nancy Flake: Houston Community Newspapers

After a Houston bankruptcy court ordered a new custodian of around half a million records of former Sadler Clinic patients, the company now in charge of those records is ready to fulfill requests for them.

When Sadler Clinic filed bankruptcy in June after permanently closing its doors in May, the clinic retained the patient records. However, those patients reported difficulties reaching anyone to request that records be turned over to their new doctors. The judge overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings ordered the records to be turned over to VeriTrust at the end of August. VeriTrust is a document retention and storage company serving Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Central Texas.

Former Sadler Clinic patients can visit or call 281-758-8296 to get the proper form to request the records and to learn the fees for obtaining them. Godinich emphasized the importance of using the form available on the website; VeriTrust cannot process alternate medical records release forms from either Sadler or another physician or clinic if the form does not require a copy of a photo ID. Those who have done so will need to resubmit their request on the Sadler Medical Records release form on the website.

Once VeriTrust receives payment, either on the website or via mail, patients will receive their records in a two-week delivery frame, Godinich said. By order of the court, VeriTrust must destroy the records after two years, so, Godinich said, it’s important to request the records well ahead of that deadline. The Texas Administrative Code sets fees for patient record copies. The base cost is $25 for up to 20 pages, with additional pages costing 50 cents each. There are additional costs for films or other diagnostic images, DVDs or CDs or records to fulfill subpoenas. VeriTrust cannot send original records, only copies, Godinich said, by order of the bankruptcy court. And, VeriTrust may not have complete records. “I can’t speak for what happened to records between June and when we took over the records,” he said. “It’s going to be what we have.”

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Houston Neurologist Still Able to Provide Care at Comprehensive Sleep Medicine Associates after Sadler Clinic Quickly Closes

After 53-years in business the Sadler Clinic suddenly closes its doors, cutting off communications with most of its patients and leaving many with no answers of who will provide their medical care.

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Sadler Clinic starts bankruptcy hearings

Attorneys representing Sadler Clinic, its subsidiary Montgomery County Management Company and numerous creditors met Tuesday morning in a federal courtroom for the first of what looks to be numerous bankruptcy hearings.

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Sadler Clinic Files Chapter 11

In filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday morning, officials with Sadler Clinic appear to be putting much of the blame for the clinic’s financial difficulties and demise on Hospital Corporation of America, according to an affidavit supporting first-day motions in the bankruptcy. “Sadler and MCMC are not ‘reorganizing’ under the Bankruptcy Code,” stated attorney Kyung Lee, with Diamond McCarthy LLP, “but has opted to wind down operations through the confirmation of a liquidating plan.

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Where are Sadler’s Doctors?

While many doctors with the defunct Sadler Clinic will be continuing their practices in Montgomery County, it could be a while before they are settled and able to see their patients. In the meantime, patients are wondering where their doctors will be and also how they can retrieve medical records.

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